New Year, New Goals

Here is something I wrote a few years back……..

It still holds true for me today and why I am holding the 12 week weight loss challenge.

I believe self care is key along with continued motivation and support. These all help me to be more successful in accomplishing my goals.


As we ring in the New Year many of us set goals for the year to come. What is your goal for this new year? Did you accomplish any goals you set last year? Are you reflecting on what has happened in your life this past year and putting ideas in motion to make this year’s goal more accessible?

In the group community acupuncture sessions ideas have come up about how we take care of ourselves, which made me wonder, “how do I take care of myself?” So I’d like to challenge myself to take better care of my needs. Whether it’s a change in a workout routine and diet, a new type of yoga or meditation, or a fun class or outdoor activity, I’m looking for anything that will help me de-stress, relax and give me a more positive outlook. I usually seek ideas from friends, co-workers or the latest trend in a magazine.

So in preparation for setting this year’s goals I’m gathering the resources that have helped in the past.


The Prep Work

Goal setting. Is there something you’re passionate about to help you accomplish this task? 

Be specific in what you want to accomplish, maybe it’s just adding an extra bit of time to a workout or meditation or taking an extra fitness class during the week. Attempt to do one short term measurable goal that can be accomplished in the next several months and one long term measurable goal to finish before the end of the year.

Blank calendar. Kinda old school but I love these since it shows me an entire month and any progress being made. There are plenty of apps out there to keep track of just about anything such as diet, exercise or finance. Search for one that fits your needs.

Get support. Get together with friends, family or co-workers and form your support network. Encouragement from others can help to shift your thinking and realize that you are not alone with your triumphs and challenges.

The day to day

Many people have a hard time maintaining the enthusiasm to see their resolution to completion. Here are some ideas for taking things one day at a time.

Set an intention for the day. Take a few minutes  before the start of your day to take a couple of deep breaths, think of something you are grateful for and smile with your heart. Each day, every day, we do have a choice how we react to the positive or negative things the day brings.

Patience. Be patient with yourself, especially if you are struggling on a certain day. Is the inner chatter in your head cheering you on? Become your own best cheerleader.

Reassess, re-evaluate and revise. Is what you’re doing working for you? Maybe it’s time to amp things up or revise a goal to make it more accessible to you.

Always do your best. What you plant now, you will harvest later – Og Mandino

Whatever goals you find yourself making in this New Year towards your mental, physical or financial well-being, remember we are a work in progress. Use the internal and external tools that help you succeed. Be accountable for the progress you’re making, let go of the things not in your control and make a conscious choice to get back on track. I do believe that any step I make toward accomplishing a goal is something to be proud of.



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