Relaxation Specials

How are you feeling these days????

Need a bit of self care to get you through your day?

Let me help!!!

20 – 30 minute specials to leave you feeling rested and rejuvenated.

Call now to reserve your space@ 408-981-0725 (discounted rates for health care workers)

Ear Seed Placement This individualized, non-invasive treatment applies ear seeds to specific acupressure areas on the ear and can be used for stress, anxiety, headaches, PMS, menopause, back pain, weight loss & so much more! $35

Auricular Acupuncture Session (using the NADA-National Acupuncture Detox Association points) This ear acupuncture treatment will help you to relax, diminish feelings of anxiety, promote sleep and find relief from stress or emotional trauma. $35

Relaxation Roll Out with Yoga Therapy Balls Tight neck, shoulders or low back from chronic stress, being hunched over at a desk job or from sitting in commuter traffic. Give yourself the gift of learning this simple self care technique that can be used in almost any setting. $50

Essential Oil Blends Customized essential oil blends to promote emotional well-being. Prices vary.

Reiki session Lay down, take a breath and allow yourself to melt into the massage table as you receive universal energy to promote relaxation, balance and harmony. *Currently only distance sessions are available. $60

Please note that sessions will follow masking and social distancing related COVID guidelines.