I decided to try alternative medicine after some conflicting life experiences became painful and stressful and life wasn’t fun and easy anymore. After acupuncture with Dana, I felt more balanced and spiritually lightened. My muscles were less tense and I was able to think more clearly. I recommend the therapies that Dana offers because it was worth the investment toward my own wellbeing; physically, mentally and spiritually! 

~Donna E., RN, MSHA, Nurse Administrator (retired)

I’ve known Dana for almost 20 years and have had the pleasure and benefit from receiving her healing treatments. Whether it was a Reiki session or an acupuncture treatment, Dana was always listening and tuned in to what my body needed and wanted. I was fully able to relax into the healing process trusting her professionalism and integrity.

~ Mary L., Licensed Acupuncturist

Dana has provided acupuncture and other treatments for me. She has helped me with neck and back pain. She has treated depression for me. My most significant journey back to health under her care was treatment for prostate cancer. She assisted me in getting physically and mentally prepared to undergo surgery and the subsequent recovery. Dana was born to be a healer and I am grateful for being one of her healing successes.

~Nick P.

Dana is my “go to” whenever I have a problem to solve. Her intuitive coaching skills have helped me with many life challenges over the last year. I always feel safe and trust that Dana will guide me to help me find the answers to my questions. She has helped me with my career goals, preparing for difficult conversations with my boss, prioritizing my list of “things that need to get done” and helping me to trust myself! She is a master at deep listening and I know that I can trust her with my innermost thoughts.

~Anne W.

Dana has helped me several times & I’m so grateful for her expertise. One evening I had fallen on a concrete walkway and didn’t notice any physical issues until the next morning when I couldn’t lift my arm. I was in a lot of pain and the immobility of my left arm made it difficult to do many daily care activities. Dana did acupuncture for me and within about 10-15 minutes, I could already feel the difference. My range of motion improved enough that I could begin the rest of my recovery exercises without using the pain medications that my regular Dr. had prescribed. In addition, I could do many of the activities that the injury had prevented me from doing until that time.  

Another situation where Dana’s skills were very valuable to me, I had a bad case of vertigo and was having a difficult time focusing on my work activities which required me to be mobile & manage a public event. As a Reiki Master, Dana was able to do some energy work on me which helped me immensely! Having someone like Dana who can help guide you through a holistic healing approach to life’s ailments, is something I appreciate and respect. Her attention to the details of what is going on with your body and listening to you describe your issues, allows her to determine the best approach for you. I would recommend Dana not only for her skills & expertise but also for her kindness and caring support.

~Lin D.

I have had the excellent fortune of working with Dana in the capacity of nurse coach. She has a profound ability to deeply listen while providing a safe and comfortable space for me to speak freely, gain clarity and share ideas about anything that’s on my mind. Dana shows the utmost support, remaining truly present, while guiding her clients as they discover their own innate wisdom. Whether it’s an old, pesky habit you’re trying to overcome or a decision you’d like to gain some clarity on, Dana has the ability to accurately and lovingly shine light and a new perspective just where you need it.

~Anney P.