Welcome to Dana Youssef’s Transformative Acupuncture Care.

Are you ready to start your transformative journey to wellbeing?

Many of us have been profoundly affected by the events throughout this year and maybe you are a frontline healthcare worker and feel things on an even deeper level.

I have seen and read the many articles on the need for self-care but I am interested in knowing what that means for you.

As your partner in health, I am here to work alongside you on your wellness goals. I provide services that allow my clients to move forward in the best way possible that resonates with them.

It would be my privilege to support you as your journey unfolds.

I have over 25 years of experience in the health and wellness field and incorporate the many modalities from my healing tool bag to create and facilitate your personalized treatment plan.

Let me help you get started on your transformational path to optimal health and wellness.