Dana has an array of multi-modality treatment options

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Using single use sterile disposable needles to specific points on the body to restore the flow of Qi and bring the body back into balance.

Dana’s focus of care includes acute and chronic pain management, stress related disorders, women’s health, insomnia, headaches and facial rejuvenation.

Facial Rejuvenation- acupuncture to rejuvenate and revitalize the signs of aging that specifically effect the face, while simultaneously treating the underlying factors that contribute to the aging process.

Gold & Silver Needleless Treatment- Japanese style acupuncture using gold and silver “needles” applied to traditional acupuncture points without penetrating the skin. Dana uses this technique for acute pain, especially shoulder and neck tension.


Cupping is an ancient Chinese therapy in which heated glass cups are applied to the skin along the meridians of the body, creating suction as a way of stimulating the flow of energy and dispelling stagnation. Cupping can be used for pain, inflammation, overall relaxation and well-being and as a type of deep-tissue massage.

Herbal Formulas

Herbal patent formulas are used in conjunction with acupuncture, herbs are used to augment the acupuncture treatment and prescribed specifically for the patient’s disorder.


Reiki- a form of hands on healing using the universal life force energy.

Medical Qi Gong- use of gentle movement, breath, sound and focused intent to correct the energetic imbalances and blockages of qi in the body.


Integral nurse coaching is aimed to empower clients and bring them closer to goals by providing an opportunity to expand perspectives and take action to step into possibilities. Sessions are via phone.