Inner Reflection

The longest day of the year has just happened and I am always excited about the return of the light! This year has offered many challenges for many of us, so I feel that using this precious time of year, the winter, the yin and inward time, it’s important to reflect on the challenges and also the lessons I have learned. AND there have been a lot of both!!!!

My thoughts go to well……my thoughts.

What is that chatter in my head saying???

Is it leading me toward the negative and the difficulty of the challenges I have faced?

Is the chatter leading me to look at the positive and look at the challenges I have overcome and learned from?

Each day has been different. One day I’m good & feel strong and the next day or even in the next moment,I feel utterly devastated that this year hasn’t gone even close to the direction I thought it would be.

These are the moments when I pick myself back up off the floor of devastation and take a breath. and take a breath……. and take a breath and know that today is today & not yesterday so I can CHOOSE to make today different. I can choose to linger in the negativity and believe all those thoughts which may or may not be my truth. I can choose to not ask or even look at the question “why are you choosing to be stuck in this(this thought pattern)?”

So being in a reflective moment can be a daunting task for me, yet here I am, believing I have grown so much this year!

As I continue to reflect on this past year, I am starting to set my intentions for the year ahead, not what I want the next year to look like, but mostly how will I look at the chatter that is always in my head!

Come set your intention for the next year with my Vision Board workshop January 8, 2017!


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