Daily Gratitude

So a friend and I were talking about gratitude the other day.

She expressed to me she couldn’t find daily gratitude with looking at the one area in her life she was struggling with.

Recently, I have read so many articles on having a daily gratitude practice and was working with my coach to have that as a goal to work toward.

This is what one article suggested

“One way to cultivate a daily gratitude practice is to keep a gratitude journal by your bed, and each night write about someone or something you are grateful for. Then, take a few deep breaths to release tension while allowing the feeling of gratitude to sink in.”

That’s what I had been trying to do, yet I felt some days I was struggling. I thought how can I be grateful for my cat everyday, shouldn’t there be new and exciting things everyday and not the same thing over and over. It was really getting me down. There was even one day that I felt that there wasn’t anything at all to be grateful for. I don’t feel that I’m an ungrateful person, yet I just felt the daily things, the sun rise, the fact I have a home, companions and food in the fridge seemed like just that, the daily things, things I thought or felt would always be there and even though I am grateful for them, it seemed that to write them in my gratitude journal was silly.

As my friend was talking I was partially listening and comparing her situation to mine and recognized that the new and exciting things I want to be grateful for are actually things that I feel I want or need. In wanting to be grateful, I’ve actually funneled down the list of things to be grateful for. It’s such a simple idea and I felt so ridiculous of not noticing it before. Why can’t I be grateful each and every day for my cat, or the sun rise or my home? I can….. and understanding that let me breathe a sigh of relief. I didn’t have to search for something to be grateful for.

I still have my moments and I continue to refine how I look at this, but today… I am grateful for my cat Inanna!

What are you thoughts?

What are you grateful for today?


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