Cycles of the Seasons

I have had a few conversations this week about the cyclical nature of things, life and emotions to name a few, so this being the first day of fall, these thoughts remain in the forefront of my mind. I really love the fall season where even though there is still a life feeling of busy-ness, it’s not the same busy-ness I feel in the summer or spring for that matter. I embrace this cycle of change in the seasons and wonder why there are times in life when many of us don’t or can’t embrace the cycle of the emotional ups and downs we are presented with. Maybe you’ve seen those videos on Facebook or you tube with the screaming temper tantrum throwing child and then their favorite song comes on or they’re told to smile and pose for a picture and all that screaming and crying ends and they appear happy. I still can feel like that somedays and in a period of a few minutes I’m over what may have been causing me pain and despair. The conversations with friends make that exact thing happen, which is mostly getting my self out of my head, getting myself out of that “chatter” that can talk non-stop and it’s mostly about what may happen in the future. Lately I’ve been stopping in my tracks and taken a big deep breath. Most the time I have needed several of those and then I am reminded to give so much needed self love to well ME! It’s getting easier with practice and the more I do it the less the chatter has shown up, the less frenzied the emotional upheavals and challenges. If this is happening to you I hope you can take a breath, give yourself some love and sit down with your bestie.


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