New Toys

img_2297I’ve decided that I want to include and use more singing bowls in my meditations. Theses 2 are my newest editions. The tie-dye one is a F note corresponding to the heart chakra and the smaller white bowl is F# corresponding to the Thymus.

I think that many of us walk around with our heart closed or partially closed most of the time. Having an open heart can leave us feeling naked to the world and vulnerable. Listening to the sound and feeling the vibration released from the bowl while I’m in a safe setting allows me to check in and see where and how much my heart is open. Relaxing into the sound, I see if I can open it more and allow those moments of vulnerability come in.

The thymus is related to immunity and honestly who couldn’t receive a boost to their immune system. Autumn in Chinese medicine is a time to nourish the Lung organ. The lung being a major organ responsible for immunity. So this is a perfect time for me to let the sound and vibration sink into the depths of my body.

Do they really make a difference???? yes, sure, maybe. I do know that they make a difference for me when I play,listen and meditate with them.


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